LTVA Emergency Procedures

What we do:

The Imperial Dam LTVA Emergency Response Team (ERT) monitors CB Channel 12, 24 hours a day and is very familiar with the area. We lead the emergency vehicles to your location at any time, day or night (approximately 7 minutes response time). Don’t have a CB radio?  Check with your neighbors and ask if you can call on them to radio in an emergency for you. It is important to know your location, i.e. Quail Hill, Murphy Flats, etc. see map for location names that we use.

If you have an emergency:

Simply get on CB Channel 12 and say:“Emergency, emergency, emergency!”  An ERT member will answer. They will need to know the nature of the emergency (i.e. heart attack, not breathing, fire etc.). Give your location and turn on as many lights as possible (i.e. interior, exterior lights, headlights, hazard lights, etc.) No CB? Does your vehicle or tow vehicle have alarms? Hit your remote panic button to set off the lights and alarm and get your neighbor to call in via their CB. An ERT member will call the Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG) Emergency Center and 911. Our Radio Coordinator will dispatch runners to S24 and other members to key intersections to assist escorting the emergency vehicles to your location.

What happens next:

YPG dispatches emergency response vehicles, at the same time, an emergency vehicle from Rural/Metro in Yuma may be dispatched. These vehicles are in radio contact with each other. Transportation to Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is usually done by Rural/Metro Ambulance.

Calling 911 yourself:

If you call 911, it will work, but it could take longer for them to respond to the emergency without the ERT’s help. All 911 calls in this area go the CHP switchboard in El Centro, California. The CHP  transfers  the call to the Fire and Rescue Department, the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department ( Winterhaven, California) and YPG is called, as they are the closest responders. Now they have to locate you. YPG relies on our team to expedite getting to your location.  Our team won’t know about the emergency until we hear the sirens approaching. This delays getting personnel into positions to direct the emergency vehicles to your location.


Channel 12 should not be used, except by the ERT, unless  another emergency arises. At the conclusion of the emergency, the channel will be cleared by the ERT Radio Coordinator for normal use.

All emergency information is confidential. Because it is private information, the ERT will not discuss it – especially on the CB radio – so please don’t ask them about the emergency.