Imperial Dam LTVA Emergency Response Team

Our only wish is that you never need our services.

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In An Emergency

The Imperial Dam LTVA can be difficult to navigate by those unfamiliar with the area, including Police, Fire and Ambulance responders. Our all volunteer force is there to help local responders get to the emergency fast.

What To Do

Maps & Directions

Our Volunteers have mapped the entire Imperial Dam LTVA. Those maps were translated to Google Maps by the RVHOBO Network, complete with directions to each of the 35 Neighborhoods within the Imperial Dam LTVA.


CB Monitoring Ch. 12

There are many places at the Imperial Dam LTVA that don’t have reliable Cell service. The Imperial Dam ERT monitors CB channel 12 and relays emergency calls to the fastest service available. Sometimes the nearby Yuma Proving Grounds Army Base, or the El Centro Fire and Rescue.

More on CBs


We highly recommend that you register at the Imperial Dam Website. Be sure to register the Neighborhood you’re in, and include a picture of your RV and License Plate # to help locate you in case of an emergency. You will have an option of making your data public or for emergencies only.

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About Our Process

Why Register?

  • 01

    There are many dead-ends at Imperial Dam and unlike most campgrounds, the Imperial Dam LTVA does not have numbered sites.

  • 02

    Without numbered sites and an obvious road system, if you have an emergency, we want to be able to get emergency services to you A.S.A.P.

  • 03

    There are 35 “Neighborhoods” at the Imperial Dam LTVA, spread across a very large area. When you register with us, it can go a long way to getting you help in an emergency.

  • 04

    You have a choice, you can use a public handle in lieu of a name and you can keep your location public for friends and family, or private, only to be used in emergencies.

Why a CB for Emergencies?

  • 01

    The cell phone reception at the Imperial Dam LTVA is still spotty at best. For over 20 years the CB radio has been an indispensable tool during emergencies here through the years.

  • 02

    Our volunteers monitor CB Channel 12 24/7. As soon as a call comes in they jump into action. 1st, a call is made to the nearest available rescue/law enforcement agency.

  • 03

    Our dispatchers keep in touch with the local rescue team by phone, and relay the information via CB to our people in the field, ready to guide the authorities right to the emergency location.

  • 04

    While the CB is not as high-tech as our new Neighborhood mapping system, it has been, and is the best tool available when an emergency happens here at the Imperial Dam.

About Our Maps & Directions

  • 01

    Our chief, Doug Minor, rode his bike to all corners of the Imperial Dam LTVA, grabbing GPS coordinates every 10 feet or so. His original maps served as the standard for the Imperial Dam LTVA for many years, and is still doing so.

  • 02

    These maps have now been remastered by the RVHOBO Network and integrated into fully interactive  Google Maps including detailed directions to all of the 35+ Neighborhoods at the Imperial Dam LTVA.

  • 03

    Every neighborhood has detailed driving directions from all entrances to the Imperial Dam LTVA, and are available from the Neighborhoods Page, or directly from our Interactive Maps. Or as a Printable PDF Map.

  • 04

    Our interactive Google Maps are designed to help us find you. Each Neighborhood has detailed driving directions to get there. It is up to you to post a picture of your RV so you can be more easily located.

About Us

We’re located in the main services area off of “Mesa Drive”, in the trailer as shown at the left. Our “Office” is not generally open unless there is a meeting of some sort. Please check out the calendar for the latest schedule.

Getting Here


Contact Us

If you don’t find an answer in our Forum and your reason for contacting us is not a general question about our services, then please use the contact form below.